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Tired of poor service? If YOU are happy, I am happy. I am a Sicklerville Locksmith servicing Sicklerville, Williamstown, Pine Hill, Erial, Sewell, Atco, Washington Township and the surrounding areas. If you need a locksmith in Sicklerville, talk to me first. You will see the difference.

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I'm not alone in complaining about Yelp "suppressing" valid reviews because their algorithms "flagged them as questionable".

It's hard enough getting people to leave reviews when they are satisfied with your work and so unfair when many of my excellent reviews are hidden farther down in a hard to see light gray "xx reviews that are not currently recommended" line.

They've called me many times trying to get me to sign up (pay) them and I always decline. Can't prove the connection but it's not right and they refuse to address the issue. Hard to contact them for help anyway but they sure can call ME.

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Don't be fooled by those other fancy Locksmith listings. Many are call centers in other cities. I live here and am a LOCAL business.

Padlock I cover a large portion of Camden and Gloucester Counties including Sicklerville, Williamstown, Washington Township, Laurel Springs, Blackwood, Turnersville, Pine Hill, Clementon, Berlin, Atco, Sewell and Pine Hill (not a complete list)

Instead of trying to do everything, I specialize in residential work and don't do any work with cars or alarms.

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Why you should think about checking your locks

   A malfunctioning lock can keep YOU out of your own house so call if they start to act up, not after they break.

   Builders don't seem to know or care much about locks. You always get at least one on your front door, but it is luck if it was installed correctly. Half the knobs I see are upside down and yes, it does matter.


   Many new developments are MASTER KEYED to make it easy for different people to get in with different keys. This means many different keys (usually between 16 and 32) will open your locks just like a single safe that will open to many different combinations. If you see any stickers on your locks saying Protecto-Keyed or something similar, then you can be sure this applies to your home. If you received a 'special key' from the builder, it only changed one set of combinations to another. It does not change the fact that many different keys will still open your locks.

If this is not clear, think of it this way...
When you move in keys 1 through 30 work your locks but you only have key #30. After you use your 'special key' (#30), keys 30 through 60 will work your locks.

   Locks only do their best job when installed correctly which they are usually NOT. Many doors can be opened with a credit card or a single kick. Check to make sure the hole for the deadbolt bolt is deep enough for the bolt to extend all the way. I frequently see lightweight doorknob strikes installed for deadbolts instead of the heavy duty deadbolt strikes. And the screws used to attach the strike plate are frequently under half an inch long which does not make for a very secure door.

   Do you have to lean against your door or slam it to get it closed or to get the key to turn? This puts a lot of stress on the locks which can cause them or the keys to break.

   Doorknobs are not designed to prevent a forced entry -- deadbolts are. Alarms only go off AFTER the door is open and it takes time for the police to arrive. Burglars know they have plenty of time.

   Does your sliding door have a dinky little latch? Can it be lifted out of the track? I check and secure these types of doors.

   Finally, some doors have side windows but many do not. You should never open your door unless you know who's on the other side. I carry a really nice door viewer that gives a great view.

Deadbolts may qualify you for a continuous yearly discount on your homeowners insurance!

Why you should call ME

  • We are pleasant to deal with
  • No high pressure sales
  • I do my best to return calls quickly
  • My appointment times are very exact and I arrive on time
  • In the rare event of a problem, I take care of it with no hassles
  • I've been here for many years and am bonded and insured

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