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Errors, Pop Up Windows, Viruses and Spyware are just some of the many problems you will run into if you have a PC. I have a Masters Degree in Computers from Villanova University and have been working with computers for over thirty years. I have solved numerous and varied problems for several major companies and businesses.

If you read the papers or listen to the news you will hear about how many people have at least one type of unwanted program running on their computers. These are programs which are installed without your knowledge which cab track you in the internet and target you with pop up adds. Worse, they can slow down your computer and cause it to lock up and crash. Still worse are the ones that try to steal your passwords and bank accounts. I frequently remove hundreds of spyware/adware/malware objects from a PC when I clean it and it runs much better after that!

Click Info About Spyware for more good information about what Spyware is.

There do exist a few services that can help you with computer problems, but they are only interested in fixing it when it is broken and not helping you make better use of your PC or showing you how to work better whether you are using it to access the Internet, write papers, play games, keep records, organize your recipes or help with your hobbies. Their solution to malware is often to reinstall Windows which can result in lost files and pictures.

No problem! I'm sure I can get you to say "Wow! I didn't know you could do THAT!" at least a few times.

Your PC is a sensitive tool and it will usually run better and faster after a tune up.

I also give lessons. Want to know how to

I can also repair, edit, improve, reprint and do almost anything to your photos FOR you. Put the dates on them, add text, color, frames, etc. See some examples.

Schedule an appointment for a complete PC checkup. You may be surprised at what we find and be happy with how much better your PC runs afterwards.

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